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Talking About Eye-Related Health Problems

Hello, my name is Gary May. Welcome to my site about health conditions affecting the eyes. The old saying goes that eyes are the windows to the soul. However, eyes are also the windows to various organs throughout the body. Problems in those organs often present in remarkable ways in the eyes. Eye doctors can pinpoint the health condition by performing an exam using a specially designed scope. Furthermore, eyes also act as our windows to the world beyond our being. Health conditions that affect the eyes can often worsen and cause the patient to lose their ability to see clearly. I would like to discuss all of these health conditions in more detail on this site. I hope you will come back again soon. Thanks.


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Alternatives To Glasses And Contacts: Options To Consider

Are you practically blind without your glasses, but wishing for something that could mean leaving the frames behind? Wearing contacts isn't possible or comfortable for everyone, and you might feel like those are the only two affordable options you have for daily vision correction. However, there are some other avenues you could pursue that can be worth talking to your optometrist about. 

Lasik or PRK

Lasik and PRK are laser corrective surgeries that can help give you perfect vision. They are very similar procedures, as they both use lasers to reshape the cornea, and they only differ in how the surgeon accesses the eye. In Lasik, the surgeon makes a small incision to access the cornea. In PRK, the top layer of the eye is actually dissolved and slowly grows back over a course of several weeks.

Lasik has a faster recovery rate and less discomfort post-surgery. It's often the best solution for basic eye correction. PRK can also be a good option for those who might need more extensive work or for people who work in areas where concussive force could rupture the small incision site made during Lasik. 


If you are still young (a child or a teen), you can work with your doctor to try and correct your vision using therapy. Some types of vision loss may be at least partially fixed by retraining the eye or strengthening the muscles. Unfortunately, vision therapy is not as effective on adults because their eyes have already matured. 

CRT Lenses

Have you ever wished you could just wake up and have better vision? New technology in orthokeratology has developed contact lenses you can wear at night that gradually reshape your cornea without the need for surgery. These work almost like wearing braces or a retainer might. Over time, your vision will get better as you consistently wear these special lenses. They can work for both children and adults. They are especially effective at correcting or slowing the development of childhood myopia. 

Eye Implants

If you need reading glasses because of progressing age or because of natural refractive issues, you might also be able to get a permanent implant that improves your vision in your eye. These implants only work for far-sightedness, but the good thing is that they never need replaced! They continue to function even if your vision gets worse. 

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