Talking About Eye-Related Health Problems

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Talking About Eye-Related Health Problems

Hello, my name is Gary May. Welcome to my site about health conditions affecting the eyes. The old saying goes that eyes are the windows to the soul. However, eyes are also the windows to various organs throughout the body. Problems in those organs often present in remarkable ways in the eyes. Eye doctors can pinpoint the health condition by performing an exam using a specially designed scope. Furthermore, eyes also act as our windows to the world beyond our being. Health conditions that affect the eyes can often worsen and cause the patient to lose their ability to see clearly. I would like to discuss all of these health conditions in more detail on this site. I hope you will come back again soon. Thanks.


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What To Expect When You’re Diagnosed With Uveitis

Being diagnosed with uveitis can be alarming for you. This inflammatory condition is caused by your immune system attacking healthy cells, otherwise known as an autoimmune condition. With uveitis, the eyes, in particular, are targeted by the body and need special care as a result. Here's what you can expect when you have uveitis. Regular Care The first thing you should expect is that you're going to get to know an eye doctor very well. Read More